Quickie Web Albums

Quickie Web Albums 4.3.5

Quickly create custom web photo albums with ease

Quickie Web Albums moves your digital pictures to web photo albums, so that friends, family, or clients can view your pictures on the web). Quickie is simple to use, but full of the options to let you customize your albums.

Features of Quickie Web Albums:

  • Include JPEG, GIF, PNG and more picture types
  • include QuickTime or AVI movies embedded in your web photo albums
  • Create just thumbnails for all the images
  • Album tab that allows you to make horizontal or vertical templates
  • Common header or footer text area (allowing for text above or below the photo table) for each page
  • Specify HTML page properties such as background image, colors for text and link, and meta tags
  • Many JavaScript options such as open in new window, protect image, and open in a new HTML window
  • Watermark images
  • Allow visitors to leave comments about albums (requires PHP)
  • Beta FTP upload options (with mini FTPclient)